The Council

The Alabama District Council of the Assemblies of God oversees churches in the state of Alabama and serves the General Council of the Assemblies of God, USA. The Alabama District Council functions as an advocate for local churches at the national level and helps the General Council lead the local churches.

Founded in 1915, the Alabama District has a rich history in the Assemblies of God, alive with the spiritual foundation of the brothers and sisters who launched this great fellowship and moving toward a bright future in the Lord. Today, the Alabama District is comprised of 15 sections that organize 331 churches with over 800 ministers who lead over 60,000 people combined. The executive office of the Alabama District is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Alabama is the district that has birthed many great churches and ministries, including Southeastern University, a first-class Christian educational institution now located in Lakeland, Florida. Another extension of our fellowship is the Springville Camp and Conference Center, located just outside Birmingham. It's a phenomenal set of facilities nestled in the Appalachian foothills, a picture-perfect location, where thousands of people have visited to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit and encourage one another in the Lord.