We’ve Never Been Here Before

We’ve Never Been Here Before

Ken Draughon


May 1, 2020

We’ve never been here before! How many times have you heard this over the last few weeks?

The rules have changed, and the world along with them. We’ve been “ordered” to quarantine or “Shelter at Home” for weeks. We have approached church differently. There was a song that came out in the 60’s entitled, “I ain’t never!” We “ain’t never” seen anything like this. We see our world morphing into a different place in a short space of time. The Wall St. Journal said, “The Coronavirus Pandemic will forever alter the world order.”

I’ll try not to take a text out of context, “...in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:7). I believe we are in “an age to come” as we see our world transforming into a church “forced” out of the building like the early chapters of the Book of Acts when they were more comfortable “hanging out” with familiar people and familiar settings, God used persecution to spread the Gospel to those who had not heard it. I’m not saying God sent this (no way), but God can use what the devil meant for evil to bring about good.

We have an opportunity to “step up to the plate” in a world that isn’t sure what’s next and give them hope. We are asking you to join us for the “30 Days to Pentecost Prayer Meeting” beginning Monday, May 4, at 7 PM at https://www.facebook.com/ADCAGfamily/ Facebook page for our live prayer meeting. We will be challenged by our former District Superintendent Vaudie Lambert, General Superintendent Doug Clay and other pastors, missionaries, and leaders as we posture ourselves as they did leading up to Pentecost in the New Testament. We will be praying for God’s Promise from on high—a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We’ll be calling on God to heal our land and send a mighty revival to Alabama and America.

It can become easy to be overwhelmed with thoughts of insufficiency during a crisis like this. Do not become “weary in well doing.” There is so much to do and learn
through these days of uncertainty. Remember, however, that you are God’s leader, at God’s time and in God’s place for you. You are washed in HIS blood, filled with HIS power, and anointed by HIS Spirit! No amount of human planning or strategy is an adequate substitute for God’s leading, miraculous provision and faith. The enemy wants you to think the future is dependent upon you, but it is not and never was. The only expert on this new era of ministry is God Almighty. Because He is for us, “no weapon formed against us will prosper.” Let’s call upon Him for answers and assistance as we navigate paths never before taken. We are on this journey together and God is at the is out in front leading us into His expected plan for us.