Church Planting & Development

David Strahan

David Strahan

Missions and Men's Director

Healthy Churches planting Healthy Churches

The Alabama District is looking for churches and individuals who want to plant churches across our state. We have several target communities that we are praying for church planters to locate in. However, we are also looking to invest in new communities where church planters who are sensing a call. Please select the New Church Plant Packet below under Related Files to find out more about our process, expectations, and covenant. This should answer many of your questions.

We have a CP&D Board consisting of our District Missions Director, District Superintendent, District Assistant Superintendent, District Secretary/Treasurer, Assistant District Missions Director, and a pastor from each of our five regions. They meet quarterly to approve potential church plants and view funding requests.

Our five-fold strategy is:
1. PLANT: Establish new traditional church plants.
2. PAC: Partner with Healthy churches to plant Parent Affiliated Churches (PACs).
3. ETHNIC: Work to plant new churches among our growing ethnic populations.
4. REHABILITATE: Partner with the District to rehabilitate closed properties and plant in those locations.
5. REVITALIZE: Partner with the District to revitalize severely declining churches that are on the verge of closing.

Link to Alabama Church Planting Videos on Vimeo:

Legacy Church Plant, Gadsden, AL: Legacy Church, Pastor Chad Owens

Vincent Revival Center, Revive Church, Talladega, AL: Revive Church, Pastor Jason Allums & Pastor Matt Everhart

Life Community Church, Northport, AL: Life Community Church, Pastor Shane Jones

Testimony from Safe Harbor Outreach Center, Prattville, AL: Safe Harbor Outreach Center, Pastor Greg Melvin

Link to CMN Essentials Bootcamp:

Link to Parent Affiliated Churches Resources:

Here are some links for you to consider:

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Demographics and Statistics

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Leadership and Church Growth

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Legal (IRS guide for churches)

Children’s Ministry
Check out the OMN4Kids on Pinterest for 100s of children’s ministry curriculum and resource links and ideas!

Youth (games)

Other (free resource for sending large files) (free resource for sending large files) (searching for lease space) (12 most important legal and tax issues of ministers) (a cost-effective, web-based, church management system) (freely and easily schedule meetings taking into account everyone’s schedule) (comparison chart of various church management softwares) (post office service that allows you to direct your mail to specific neighborhoods within a zip code)