Michael D. Sharp

Secretary- Treasurer

The office of Network Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the records of the local churches and ministers within the Alabama Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God. Files are updated as information is given or changes made. All information and changes are forwarded to the General Council General Secretary’s office, helping them maintain accurate records.

The Network Secretary serves as a trustee of the corporation, editor of the Alabama Messenger, Director of the Alabama School of Ministry (ALSOM) and of the Network ALSOM Committee, member of the Network Executive Committee, the Network Executive Presbytery and the Network Presbytery, the CP&D Board, the Camp Committee, the Scholarship Committee, and is an ex-officio member of all other committees. Serving on the Network Credentials Committee, the Network Secretary attends Network Council and all Sectional Councils, interviews, processes, and approves applications for credentials of deserving applicants, forwards those applications to the General Secretary for consideration, and signs the renewal forms for all ministers annually.

The Network Treasurer holds the corporate seal, is custodian of all incomes and disbursements for the Network General Fund and all other Network departments, is custodian of all legal and financial records of the Network, and provides those records for an independent audit as prescribed by the Network Bylaws.